Parents Alliance, Inc.

It is a hand-on learning experience in Spanish specifically designed for low-income Hispanic Families. It teaches Digital Learning and Financial Literacy which are skills necessary to pursue and continue their education online, and help their children succeed academically. Parents learn to access educational resources through our Portal allowing parents to interact with a remote server to sign in, access information, review their grades and take a final test. Our students are Hispanic parents or guardians who sign in at their children’s schools. Parents sign a Letter of Commitment to perform ten activities with a total of 40 credits that represent a GPA of 4.0. Parents need a GPA of 3.2 32 credits or more to earn a Diploma.

Superate y Triunfa Educational Program enrolls only those parents assigned by the school. A two-hour instruction provided twice a week by a Facilitator at a computer room in a participating school, following our friendly curriculum. Classes are held twice a week for two hours at schedules jointly determined by the school and the parents.

Now serving: Texas, California, Illinois & New York.

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